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doug & ava say "I love you"

Synopsis: SEX comedy; 1m, 1w

Two college students – Doug and Ava – are getting busy, or trying to. While Ava has reservations and conditions, Doug has a very clear plan, and the help of a hopefully useful pamphlet. A short, comedic exploration of young sexual politics, manipulation, and the rhetoric of consent.

productions & developments 

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney, 2019 (dir. Alyssa Gillgren)

The Gallery Players New Play Black Box Festival, Park Slope, 2017



Two couples contemplate mortality and their relationship while waiting for a rare celestial event: the total solar eclipse, August 2017.


Two grooms have one final conversation before walking down the aisle, while a family member tries to keep both men on the task at hand.


Village Playwrights Queerly Beloved Readings Series, LGBT Community Center, 2017


synopsis: modern romance; 1m, 1w

At a coffee bar, a young couple come to the not-so-difficult decision that, while things were kinda good for a while, and the sex was maybe even better than okay, it’s time to break things off. Yes. I guess. Definitely. Probably. Maybe.

Productions & Developments

Boog City Poetry, Music, Theatre, and Film Festival, Sunday, Sept. 17, 4 - 6 p.m,  2017, Sidewalk Cafe. 

Dark Side Of The Moon

synopsis: Drama; 2w, 1m

Ann and Tim, a young married couple, cope in different ways with the loss of their daughter. Ann is unwilling to move on, and disagrees with Tim about how to treat Ann’s older sister Susan. Forgiveness, pain, and the glimmer of hope hang in the balance.

Productions & Developments

 NYC Downtown Play Festival, 2006


Elvis's Dog

Synopsis: MONOLOGUE/comedy/southern, 1w

After a botched visit to Graceland, Mary-Ellen Hoak tries to get to the bottom of the rumors about one of Elvis's dogs, the one named Moonbeam, a rumor that her late-husband believed in wholeheartedly.

Productions & Developments

Claire Porter’s Word/Play, Medicine Show Theatre, 2012


(Xavier Cha with Robert Moulthrop)

SYNOPSIS: Experimental, performance art, Duologue

BUFFER is a collaborative performance work conceived and directed by Xavier Cha, with the "screenplay" written by Xavier Cha with Robert Moulthrop.

A man and woman deep in conversation, their intimate dialogue glitching and dropping out. The razor-sharp movement of a contemporary dance company, lagging just seconds behind an operatic score. Two sweaty men in the middle of a sexual encounter, bodies freezing in an ecstatic loop. Comprising three scenes that toggle back and forth like browser windows in a state of perpetual buffering, it lays bare the intimate yet alienated relationships we have with the bodies on our screens.

Productions & Developments

Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2017

Image 1: Xavier Cha, Buffer, 2017. Performance view, Brooklyn Academy of Music, November 1, 2017. Cassandra Freeman and Babs Olusanmokun. Photo: Rebecca Smeyne. Image source.

Images 2 - 5, stills from promotional video for Buffer, Next Wave 2017, BAM, 2017, video available here.