Cry, Heart, But Never Break

Cry, Heart, But Never Break: A Children's Picture Book

On “Cry, Heart, But Never Break

A remarkable illustrated meditation on loss and life.

– Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

On my debut short story collection, To Tell You The Truth

“Robert Moulthrop offers eleven short stories that function as neat windows of realism through which people of a certain age and class stumble down life’s pathway… This book is highly recommended for followers of modern short fiction.”
-Gary Presley, Clarion Syndicate Review

On my play Half Life

Brilliant. The best-written and acted show at the Fringe!A tense, tautly written new play . . . a singularly searingand realistic portrayal of a suddenly trendy taboo.”
-New York Magazine

What feels new . . . is that the play reveals how the superficially contrite husband and his mommy-wife are selfish, immature people underneath – that is to say real human beings.”
-The New York Times

“… (A) heart-breaking domestic drama.”
-New York Daily News

A thoughtful drama…‘Half Life’ deserves more life for making us confront the complicated grey areas of a subject that we’re used to processing only in black and white…it deserves nothing but our respect & support.”


I was wrong about the past. You go on for years, think it’s gone forever, the scar so old you barely remember the wound. …”  From my story Far Rockaway, published in To Tell You The Truth

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