Earth Ride

Thank you for choosing Earth for your current lifespan. You will reach your final destination in approximately ninety years or at a cataclysmic event, whichever comes first.Please step forward to the moving walkway, making sure to take with you all children and other impersonal belongings that provide status.

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Word and The Universe

You’ve got a program. More accurately, your computer has a program. You begin to enter the date and suddenly handy-dandy Word completes it for you. Thank you, Word. Until it doesn’t. What!!??!! Suddenly, every day is February 23. Which means you (or in this case I) have to think about which day it is. And then, key by key by key (oh, the labor!) insert the real date.

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Self Storage

Driving south into rural Maryland the four-lane highway, dotted with traffic lights, cleaves through strip malls offering the usual rural services in a recovering economy: bail bonds, pawn brokers, mortgage re-financing, pay day loans, and self- storage.  It was the latter—sitting with my foot on the brake at a really long red light—that caught my attention.

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