New Children's Picture Book: 'Cry, Heart, But Never Break'

"Cry, Heart, But Never Break" is a children's picture book about death written by Glenn Ringtved, illustrated by Charlotte Pardi, and translated into English by Robert Moulthrop.

About The Book

"Cry, Heart, But Never Break" tells the story of Death, a cloaked but kindly figure, visiting three children as their grandmother is dying, and how, to help them understand, Death tells the grandchildren a story about joy and sadness existing together. The fable Death tells the children ultimately brings them solace and helps them understand their grandmother's passing.

Photo credit: Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

About The Publication and Translation

"Græd blot hjerte" was published by Gyldendal in 2001, but there is an interesting story about its translation into English and its publication in the U.S. Read about the book's journey here.

The Reviews

Now comes a fine addition to the most intelligent and imaginative children’s books about making sense of death — the crowning jewel of them all, even, and not only because it bears what might be the most beautiful children’s book title ever conceived: Cry, Heart, But Never Break (public library) by beloved Danish children’s book author Glenn Ringtved and illustrator Charlotte Pardi, translated into English by Robert Moulthrop.” - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Pardi gives the Grim Reaper a kindly aspect … the removal of any parental buffer in this episode reinforces the salutary suggestion that children are resilient enough to be in death’s presence without fear. Gentle, wistful reading for times of imminent loss. - Kirkus Reviews
It's never easy to have conversations about death in our classrooms, but I think this gentle and sweet book would reassure students.- A Year of Reading
Pardi creates a cozy, lived-in ambiance in her pencil and watercolor art; Death’s almost grandfatherly persona suggests that there is a time to go gently into that good night.– Publishers Weekly

Why This Book Matters

Claudia Bedrick, publisher of Enchanted Lion Books, writes: “Here we do not encounter the stages of grief or any message about how the death of a loved one is something that can be gotten over or put behind us. In "Cry, Heart, But Never Break", we learn that Death’s heart beats with a great love of life; that joy requires sorrow, and life, to be good, depends on death. In these pages, we encounter a philosophy that solidly grounds death as a natural and essential part of life and avows that while our experiences of grief and loss will become part of the fabric of who we are, those experiences need not break us or tear us apart." Read about Enchanted Lion Books here.

Cry, Heart, But Never Break
By Glenn Ringtved

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