Prison & Prisoners

'Enemies Are Not Always Your Enemy' by Michael McKinney

Growing up I learned that my so-called enemies were not always my enemy. And who I thought were my enemies were not always my enemy. In prison I hear the word “enemy” being used all the time. And some of them talk about the old advice: Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. I know they’re talking about pretending to be a friend so you can keep one step ahead, but for me it doesn’t work like that.

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The California Conundrum

Now that California has been granted an additional two years to come into compliance with the U. S. Supreme Court’s order to reduce its prison population, we can only hope the best idea to come out of this fiasco is not lost. Early on, the federal judges overseeing the effort ordered the state to create a list of prisoners least likely to reoffend if released from prison: The Low-Risk List. Due to the recent two year extension, this most reasonable and completely logical idea remains in limbo.

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