What’s enough? Why

Isn’t enough enough?

Why more?


Mouths full of diamond sausage

Hands bedorned adecked

Prada’d feet

Armani’d chested

Skin smoothed by flecks

Of real gold.


Riding black zoomcars

To sky high nests

Those funny folks down below

They look like ants.

They are ants.

My tasty ants.


I need more because

They have more, someone

Always has more

Is better than

If I don’t have more

I will be less.


If you had any real worth

You would have what I have

Not as much as I

Because I am the best

But you would have some.


How much do you have?

Only that?

Well, better luck next lifetime.

This is mine

I earned it

This is mine to keep

So I can sleep at night

Secure in the knowledge

That I have more, and am


The only best, except for

Him, over there, whose 

Hair is brighter, shines with gold

When I get my golden hair

Then I will be the best

And will have for breakfast

Platinum sausage 

Flavored with ants.


I think this will be enough.

Is this enough?