New Short Story Collection: 'ELVIS'S DOG' by Robert Moulthrop

Praise for new short story collection by Robert Moulthrop: 'Elvis's Dog ... Moonbeam and other stories':

"Moulthrop's stories showcase his command of rhythm in prose and dialogue as they show the inner life of his characters. … Elvis's Dog … Moonbeam and other stories [will] appeal to readers of literary fiction who are interested in subtle, quiet stories whose arcs reflect characters' interior lives more than external progressions in plot. The diverse collection offers stories that will likely each interest a different audience." — ForeWord Clarion Reviews
"In most of these tales, the author closely focuses on the narrator's point of view, giving the collection the cumulative effect of an interior monologue. … These stories are typical of the collection as a whole: inward-focused and personal, with characters reflecting on family losses or on turning points in their lives. … "The Wendy Paper" is the most engaging story of the collection — a funny, nuanced depiction of a couple trying to decide what to do about their condominium neighbor." — Kirkus Reviews

Elvis’s Dog…Moonbeam, and Other Stories is my second collection of short stories. It will be available soon through Amazon and a couple of other sources. Here are the titles and a snippet of each story...

Uncle Louis; Mama can’t decide whether or not she’ll accept the change in her brother-in-law.

A Sense of Place; Will Julie ever be able to find the room of her own?

Zip Code; Standing on line at the Post Office can be an adventure.

Mom As I Remember; A difficult divorce, hard times, strange Mom.

Hinges; With Dad declining, can Anne get her brother to be a family?

Four Stories From The Quiet; A journey through loss to family redemption.

Elvis’s Dog, The One Named Moonbeam; She knows that dog was there, and she will prove it.

Death; ... Is everywhere, even at the mid-town coffee shop.

Miss Honeybunch Takes a Dip; It’s the 1950s in the south, and Frankie is just a little too-too for Rosellen to be able to stand it another minute.

Peru, With a Tinge of Ice; Sweeney tries to make sense of his life.

The Dire Case of The Skulking E-Mail; When the e-mail subject line reads “I Am Robert Moulthrop,” what do you do?

The Wendy Paper; Upstairs hedge fund condo neighbors make strange bedfellows for the artists downstairs.