Keeping Up With The Resistances

It’s hard keeping up with the resistances. But one must. REFUSE FASCISM and I are no longer close. After spending some time in their NY office and doing some work for them from home—working on helping to build contact lists and doing some minor editing—I pulled the plug. While I agree that RESISTANCE is essential, the ripping-up-without-a-plan-to-replace turned out to be too much for this old-school guy. Ripping it all up in the hope that something good will grow, without articulating a vision of what that future good might be… not really for me. I’m afraid I want to see my change at the voting booth, an outcome that looks increasingly possible after the House’s shameful passage of their version of the Healthcare Act (Destroy HealthCare Especially For the Needy.) I say let’s mobilize for Turnout! For the Left!
Which doesn’t mean I don’t fear for the dystopian future we seem to be building. The fear of fascism remains a constant. Absolutely. For more on that, see: THE DYSTOPIAN OLIGARCHY.

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