HALF LIFE       ( 2m, 3f )

The play examines the fallout from a classroom incident that explodes a family and community. This New York Times 2005 Top 10 Pick of the New York International Fringe Festival gained positive reviews and a very hot buzz, and was extended at the prestigious Flea Theatre. New York Magazine called this drama in which husband, wife, daughter, and best friends come to terms with devastation’s aftermath “Brilliant: the best written and acted show at the Fringe . . . a tense, tautly written new play . . . a singularly searing and realistic portrayal of a suddenly trendy taboo.”

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PATRIOT-ISM      ( 1 m, 2 f )

What happens behind the closed doors of the U. S. Patriot Act? Suspected terrorists can be taken, held, and interrogated almost indefinitely. In this Pinter-Kafka world, The Man interrogates the Girl, who may or may not be a terrorist. The Woman, who may or may not be the mother, tells us how her daughter was taken. Was a crime committed? If so, against whom? And what is the outcome?

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Time waxes and wanes and overlaps as one family – stay-at-home Mom, Professor Dad, wannabe Rocker son, ex-daughter-in-law lawyer – copes with everyday life: Birth, death, illness, abortion, failed dreams, missed opportunities, changing relationships. As past meets present, anguish and joy intermingle.

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“A tantalizing puzzle of a play…a remarkable feast for the intellect, brimming with ideas that help us look at what we take for granted in art in new and compelling ways….I reveled in the piece’s rich meditations on where [art] is to be found.” nytheatre.com. Why is the Professor late?  Where is his cello?  And who is the man in the back of the lecture room? This 60-minute solo journey through history, discord, humor, mystery delves into sex, love, and the relationship of Renaissance brigand-artist-murderer Benvenuto Cellini to the instrument whose name closely resembles his own.

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T. L. C.      (1f)

Evelyn is terrified for her son and will, literally, do anything to keep him. Margaret Daly , in her New York debut, won the Outstanding Actress Award from the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival for her knockout 75-minute solo performance as Evelyn Coleman.  … “If you love high-quality, suspense filled live theatre . . . watch Evelyn . . . a darker play about a very disturbed woman . . . It’s wonderful . . . Bravo!” nytheatre.com   “Is this some newly discovered Sophoclean epic? No, it’s Robert Moulthrop’s T.L.C. . . . and Moulthrop doesn’t miss a single, terrifying trick.” Off Broadway. Currently being published by the Indie Theatre Project.

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