John Purugganan

This page is updated and maintained by Robert Moulthrop, who met and contacted John through his Pushcart-nominated essay “You’re In Prison” originally published in The Sun, October 2006. Read about John and his achievements below, and keep an eye on the main blog, which often features short pieces written by John. In addition to correspondence with John Purugganan, […]

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Fundraising for BUFFER, by Xavier Cha

I recently collaborated on the screenplay segment of Buffer, an expansive multimedia video and dance performance artwork-in-progress by artist Xavier Cha. Buffer is slated to premiere as a part of the 2017 Next Wave Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. However, Buffer still needs some extra funding to see this exciting work through to completion. All […]

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Doug & Ava Say ‘I Love You’. Live. On Stage. In Brooklyn.

My short play, “Doug and Ava Say ‘I Love You‘” featured in the 20th Annual Black Box New Play Festival 2017 hosted by The Gallery Players. The festival premiered 18 new plays over the course of four weekends. Doug Ava “Doug and Ava Say ‘I Love You’” was directed by Abigail Grubb and featured Nick Normal and Courtney […]

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Glenn Ringtved returns to NYC

Danish author Glenn Ringtved and I began the translation of “Cry, Heart, But Never Break” in 2011, following Glenn’s first visit to the US with his family—a trip that took them from New York to Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Northern California and back to NYC. Now, following the publication of the US English […]

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Keeping Up With The Resistances

It’s hard keeping up with the resistances. But one must. REFUSE FASCISM and I are no longer close. After spending some time in their NY office and doing some work for them from home—working on helping to build contact lists and doing some minor editing—I pulled the plug. While I agree that RESISTANCE is essential, the […]

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The Dystopian Oligarchy

There are also, of course, the many daily reminders that we live, increasingly in a Dystopian Oligarchy. Haven’t most people, at some point, worked in an organization—corporate or volunteer or otherwise? There are lessons to be learned from that work. I know first hand from my own time served in The Corporate World that the […]

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I need to detox. Pull the plug out of the wall. Turn off MSNBC. Put the New York Times away unread. Step off the treadmill of the Daily Trump Show. (Has anyone ever taken up so much oxygen with so little to show?) It really is, I think, time to take some time away, to […]

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refuse fascism

NO! Refuse Fascism.

In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America! Drive Out the Trump/Pence Regime! I’ve decided to refuse fascism. Because sitting and flinching and throwing socks at the TV while shouting obscenities had begun to pall, I decided to put some of my time and treasure to work. I’ve been intrigued by […]

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St. Harold of Pinter: A Dissertation

Back in the Sixties (yes, I was there), I had a dissertation to write to satisfy the requirements for my master’s degree in theatre from the Catholic University of America. Through a process of elimination (Eugene O’Neil’s scenic designer Robert Edmond Jones had been taken) I wound up writing about the then-burgeoning British playwright Harold […]

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I discovered last week that my friend of some 35 years, Jim Browne, had died following a brief hospital stay. Our friendship meant a lot.  What follows is an update of a piece I wrote a few years ago describing Jim—how we met, how we became friends, and how his perspective on life truly helped. […]

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